Remember Anne Geddes who made headlines in the nineties with her carefully orchestrated newborn baby photos? Newborn baby photoshoots became a hot topic and something that every new parent was signing up to have done.

Adorable Newborn French Bulldog

Meet Olive, an adorable French bulldog from Monterey, California who has a set of newborn puppy pictures. They are just about the cutest thing you’ll see this year.

Newborn French Bulldog in drawer

Rachel Zee of Monterey, California received the French bulldog as a birthday present earlier this year from her fiancé. She named her new puppy Olive, who was born on January 26, 2019. Soon after receiving the small black bulldog, Rachel received a text from her friend, Brenden Boggs, who is a photographer in Monterey.

Newborn Puppy Photoshoot

Brenden asked if Rachel would like to do a newborn puppy photo shoot exactly like the ones with human babies. Rachel thought it was a brilliant idea and so did the rest of the internet.

French Bulldog puppy photo shoot

Brenden Boggs owns a photography studio called So Cute Photos and has photographed many newborn babies. She was thrilled to get the opportunity to photograph a newborn puppy. Using props popular with human babies, such as blankets, baskets, pillows, headbands, and wraps, Brenden carefully posed and then photographed Olive.

On her blog, Brenden mentioned how lucky she was to have this opportunity. She loved photographing the tiny bulldog and said she also loved receiving puppy cuddles all day.

newborn puppy photo shoot

Olive’s photo shoot was so popular her owner, Rachel, decided to start an Instagram profile for the French bulldog. When Olive was photographed for Brenden she weighed 4 1/2 lbs. Now the bulldog is over 14 lbs. In May, Olive had her first trip to the park and her very first trip to the beach in Carmel, California.

To be honest, these newborn photos of little Olive might be cuter than any human baby photo shoot we’ve seen.

Photo credits: Brenden Boggs via So Cute Photo website

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Newborn French Bulldog Gets Her Own Photo Shoot