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6 1/2



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“My friends would describe me as”

obsessed with the four things I love:
cats, teddies, yummy food, pet fights.

Oh, and I also love babies, children, and all animals except dogs. I do find birds boring…except when I can make the fly up in terror.

“The most influential person in my life has been…”

Frostie, the Siamese cat who lived here and owned Mommy before I came. He’s taught me to fight dirty, to fight without making noises, and to use my paws when fighting. Me and Frostie love pet fights, but we have to be quiet. Otherwise, Dad will tell us to stop if he finds out we’re fighting.

“Five things I couldn’t live without”

  • Cats
  • Teddies
  • Yummy food
  • Pet fights
  • Mom

Favorite Hobby

I LOVE to be on the balcony cat-spotting. I’ve even spotted two strange cats. Mom said they were rabbits. I love being out there all year, except when it’s raining. I also love grocery days when Dad lets me sniff all the groceries. And when we get organic vegetables. I don’t eat them, but they smell good.

Favorite Toy

My World of Warcraft Alliance Hipogryph teddy. Also, all new teddies I can sink my teeth into.

Favorite Treat

Oh gosh… chicken, brie, Danablue, goat cheese, lamb, those treats Dad buys…

Favorite Meal

Chicken, nah, lamb. Both. And pizza and shawarma.

Favorite Place to Travel

Tel Aviv by car. By train is SOOOOO boring.

Bucket List

Cats, kittens, and more cats. I also want a pet of my own, but Mom refuses to let me bring home kittens, rats, hedgehogs, and rabbits. She won’t even let me take home a baby. But it’s all on my bucket list.

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