Losing a dog is definitely one of the most devastating incidents for a dog lover. It’s like losing a best friend, and to some it’s like losing a child. This is how Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas felt after their dog, Waldo, died after an accident.

Adorable New Puppy

Sophie and Joe have been mourning the passing of their beloved pup, Waldo. The Alaskan Klee Kai, unfortunately, did not make it after getting into a freak accident. After almost two weeks, the couple decided to adopt a new pup, a charming little Golden Retriever.

On August 3, Sophie Turner was seen in Miami with the new pooch on her arms. The actress looked gorgeous while wearing a green bikini, and the pup looked just as charming as her mum.

The pup enjoyed taking a dip in the pool. After that, he tried to wiggle out of Sophie’s arms when she tried to cradle him on her arms.

Meet Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Adorable New Puppy

Based on the past reports, the couple’s dog, Waldo, was with his dog walker before he got into an accident. Unfortunately, Waldo escaped from his leash. He ran into traffic and sadly, he didn’t survive the crash.

Healing Their Hearts

Days after Waldo passed away, Sophie and Joe got matching tattoos to honor their deceased, beloved pet. Here’s a photo of the couple’s forearm tattoo:

Sophie's Waldo tattoo

Sophie shared the photo on her Instagram story while Joe posted the photo on her Instagram account. Both paid their tribute to their beloved pooch whom they called “little baby” or “little angel.”

Waldo tattoo on arm

Now, the couple seemed happy to have a new addition to their family despite suffering Waldo’s loss. The new pup will definitely help the couple heal their grieving hearts. His name is not yet known, but he will definitely become famous in no time.

Credits to Sophie Turner Source for this wonderful update.

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Adorable Puppy