Dog Profile

“Doggy Name”



RatShi (Rat Terrier – Shih Tzu mix)





Tell Us About Your Pooch

“My friends would describe me as”

  • Pensive (I’d write that novel if I only had thumbs)
  • A great communicator (I bark, I get what I want)
  • Fickle (I don’t just like everyone right off the bat, it takes time for me to get to know someone)
  • Loyal (I never leave my Mom’s side)

“The most influential person in my life has been…”

My Mom. I was a young pup runaway on the streets of Los Angeles with nowhere to turn. Someone found me and couldn’t keep me, then my mom stepped up to the plate to take me into her home. A week later when I came down with Parvo, she got me the help I needed.  I’m 14 years strong and loving life laying in a sunshine patch!

“Five things I couldn’t live without”

  • My fur blanket, that my parents call my “Viking”
  • A sunshine patch in the morning
  • Morning Walks
  • Sweaters in the winter cause I get shaky and cold

Favorite Hobby

Napping, sleeping, or resting; not in that order.

Favorite Toy

Other little dogs. I’m happiest when I’m playing with my little terrier friends.

Favorite Treat

Peanut butter. I only have two teeth — Senior dog and all — and I can lick that peanut butter off a bowl for a good while. Yummmm!

Favorite Meal

Vegetarian canned dog food. My parents are vegetarian, mostly, so I eat like them.

Favorite Place to Travel

In the car. I don’t really know where we’re going, I just get super excited to go on car rides, even if it’s to the grocery store. I’m an excellent road dog!

Bucket List

Any off-leash hike with a creek that I haven’t been on yet. I love to drink out of a cool, freshwater stream while I’m getting my hike on.

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