Robert Corby is a 59-year-old Colorado man that suffers from depression and mental issues. To help him with his conditions, he adopted a therapy dog; a Chihuahua named Sampson. According to his family, Sampson was a massive help to their uncle, who lived alone before getting a dog.

With Sampson by his side, Robert had some sunshine in his life. The two developed a very strong bond and would always be by each other’s side. One of their most favorite activities is taking walks together. But sadly, during one of their walks, a tragedy happened.

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Dogs Gets Stolen

Robert was walking Sampson to a local convenience store when all of a sudden, he collapsed near a dumpster. People saw what happened and quickly rushed to him. Someone called 911 and reported the incident. But while the people were crowding around Robert, someone got a hold of Sampson’s leash and took him away.

A surveillance video showed the people that went to help Robert. And it also showed a woman walking away from the commotion holding the dog’s leash, leading him away from the crowd. The woman looked back at the group, seemingly checking if someone is looking. Sampson, on the other hand, hesitated.

He would constantly stop and look back at his owner. It was very evident that he didn’t want to leave. But the woman pulled on his leash, and he had no choice but to follow.

EMS arrived at the scene and took Robert to the hospital. They discovered that the man had a seizure. Sadly, he didn’t make it.

Safe at Home

Robert’s niece, Kelly, was shown the surveillance video, and she was dismayed at what she witnessed; she could not believe that any person could steal his uncle’s dog while he was battling for his life. Several days later, the thief was caught in a different case.

The culprit, was caught sleeping in a stolen truck. She confessed to selling the dog to an elderly couple. The police were able to locate the dog and safely return him to Kelly. She was so happy that the dog was found, she said that it felt like a piece of her uncle was returned to them.

Source: Inside Edition via Youtube

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Dog gets stolen after his owner collapsed