As an actress, Jane Lynch has already depicted many villain characters in movies, including being a dog hater. But in real life, Lynch is far from her movie portrayals. Lynch is a dog lover, and she proves it by lending a helping hand in rescuing dogs.

Jane Lynch Is A Dog Lover

Aside from rescuing poor and cute dogs, the actress likewise houses these dogs to her home in Los Angeles. She later looks for potential adopters for the dogs because she wants them to have a happy life.

As a dog enthusiast, Lynch is home to three equally adorable fur babies. She named the dogs Millie, Bernice, and Rumi. She spends quality time with her three dogs whenever she is not busy with filming movies and other things.

If there is one thing that made Lynch famous for her dog advocacy, it would be helping a pooch named Arbuckle. You may have crossed the article about an obese pooch named Arbuckle if you have been reading dog articles.

Actress Goes Gaga For Rescue Dogs

Arbuckle is one of the dogs that Lynch helped rescue. At that time the pooch weighed around 116 pounds, which is tagged as obesity. Since Lynch pitied the pooch, she tried to help the dog slim down.

Credits to Jane Lynch.

Lynch’s dedication to fitness helped the pooch shed some of the undesirable fat that prevented him from moving freely. With the actress’ commitment, the dog achieved weight loss and went down to 66 pounds. With this development the dog was able to enjoy life before he passed away in 2019.

According to Lynch, Arbuckle’s death saddened her. But what makes her fulfilled is that she was able to help the pooch enjoy his life as a healthy dog. With this experience, Lynch vowed that she would continue assisting other dogs in the best way she could. Truly, Jane Lynch is a dog lover

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Actress Goes Gaga For Rescue Dogs Jane Lynch Is A Dog Lover