Dogs are constant reminders that life is beautiful, no matter how difficult things may be. Today’s story is about a homeless dog who continued to show kindness despite her circumstances.

Lonely Dog Gets Rescued

Harper was about to be euthanized when Howl Of A Dog rushed to her rescue. The hungry and cold homeless dog immediately hugged her rescuers to show her gratitude. Her rescuers took her to the veterinarian right away.

Saving Harper

The medical team conducted a series of tests on Harper. They found out that she was underweight and suffering from an intestinal infection. Her paws were also swollen and red because of the dog pound’s cold and wet cement floors. Harper was then given a medicated bath to clear her skin from fleas.

Fortunately, Harper was responding positively to the medical treatments given to her. She showed progress as each week went by. She was able to show her bubbly personality when she regained her strength. The cats and dogs in her new home like being with her. She also enjoys running around the yard and playing with her toys, according to her rescuers.

A Second Chance In Life

Harper is now learning that life does not have to be difficult. She loves to give warm hugs and wet kisses to everyone she meets. This could be her way of showing how happy and grateful she is. After all, not everyone gets a second chance in life.

Source: Youtube via Howl Of A Dog

One cannot imagine that Harper was once underweight, suffering from different illnesses and about to be euthanized. She is healthier now and weighs a whopping 44 lbs. (20 kg). Her rescuers also made sure that she’s vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed.

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Lonely Dog Gets Rescued Just In Time