In our previous content, we have shown numerous bonding moments between kids and our furry friends. Thus, there is no doubt that dogs make the best nannies for our little ones. They do not only protect our kids from any danger, but they are also great entertainers.

A Bonding Moment Caught on Camera

Today, we will witness a different kind of bonding moment between a little boy and a pup. Watch the video below.

The video above started with a curious dad who is heading to his little boy’s room. He could not figure out what is happening, as his little boy seems to have a good time.

When the boy’s father entered the room, he saw his little boy with their dog. The two are having a great time, as proven by the little boy’s giggles. What surprised the father more is the exchange of howls between his son and their dog. They seemed to understand each other.

The happiness which the little boy shows in the video is an indication that indeed, genuine friendship knows no language. As long as both parties feel the sincerity and love, friendship is possible and can overshadow each other’s differences.

Our Thoughts

Language and communication are two inseparable things. However, the friendship between the little boy and the dog challenges such belief. It makes us realize that communication only requires one’s willingness to understand others. It does not need one to learn a specific language

As mentioned above, friendship does not require a specific language. It only requires a person’s will to understand and learn. With this, there will be no language barrier issues among people and nations.

If only we are as open and as understanding like the little guy in the video, this world will be a better place without drama and conflict.

Source: Facebook via Leonardo Zapanta

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Boy and Dog Caught Bonding on Camera