In humans, both mom and dad help raise their babies. But in dogs, it’s a different story because male dogs often spend little to no effort in caring for their litter. This Boxer named Reno, however, is not among these male dogs because he finds time taking care of not just one puppy but his 8 in his litter of boxer puppies.

Litter of Boxer Puppies

Puppy-raising is not an easy task for this dad of eight. Although Reno has been around them for a couple of weeks already, he still feels overwhelmed. It almost looks like he’s questioning himself how he ended up with a large litter of puppies at the same time.

But Reno knows very well that on average, a female boxer gives birth to eight puppies. And since they are such a handful, he has no other choice but to help raise them. The role may be a bit overwhelming, but Reno sure knows how to handle it smoothly and efficiently.

In the video, Reno can be seen spending quality time with his puppies. He tries getting away from them, but his cute babies keep following him wherever he goes. They look so cute together, and whenever he stops, even for just a moment, his babies start gathering around him and just want to stay as close to him as possible.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube

The puppies sure can’t get enough of their dad. They won’t let him get away, so poor Reno, the only thing that he can do is to try his best not to hit one of his pups whenever he tries to escape. But even if he has the chance to leave already, he just couldn’t do it.

The whole time Reno is making attempts to run away from his little ones, their owners are trying hard not to laugh out loud. In the clip, you can also hear them occasionally reminding him always to be gentle. And the Boxer dad’s face is the funniest because he looks so confused while dealing with his clingy pups.

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New Dog Dad Hanging Out With Litter of 8 Boxer Pups