Extremely wounded and all by himself; Pacino was in a very bad condition when he was found 5 years ago in an uninhabited house located in Camden, New Jersey.

Animal control officers rushed the poor dog to the vet’s clinic and he was assessed to be in “real bad shape” and “too hostile to handle.”  But the vet tech assigned that day, Brittany Elder, disagreed.

The Stray Dog and The Vet Tech

Pacino was cowering behind his large crate when Elder opened its door.  He was so scared and wouldn’t come out. The officers dumped Pacino out of his crate and fell into Elder’s lap because the injured dog couldn’t stand.

Sitting on the floor, Elder held Pacino.  She knew that he has been through a lot and desperately wants him to feel just how it is to be loved.

All It Took Was A Hug To Change The Life Of a Stray Dog And The Vet Tech Who Was Supposed To Put Him Down

While Elder wrapped her arms around Pacino, trying to comfort the sick dog, the vet and the officers talked about his situation. Considering his body state and the location where he was found, it was assumed that Pacino was a bait dog in dog fighting.

With how severe his injuries were, they figured out it would be too costly to have Pacino treated and made the conclusion that the best thing to do was to put Pacino out of his misery.  Overhearing the discussion, there was no way Elder would allow it to happen.

“At one point, despite his pain, he looked at me and licked my face.  It was that moment that I knew he was not ‘too aggressive’ and that I had to do something to save his life,” said Elder.

Elder answered all accountabilities to get the dog into surgery.  Afterwards, Elder, with her boyfriend, took Pacino home.  Still terrified and unsure of anything, the two didn’t know how Pacino will be with them, but their worry disappeared as soon as they got home.

Pacino Learns To Trust Again

Despite having been abused in the past, Pacino immediately learned that he can trust the couple and had no issues with them cleaning his wounds or giving him his medicines.

There’s no denying that Pacino didn’t have a great life, but he had to learn everything from scratch; potty training, crate training, walking on a leash, eating on schedule, playing with toys, but on top of that, he had to be taught just how to be an ordinary and normal dog.

While Pacino may still have strong reactions towards other dogs, he adores every person he meets; infants, toddlers, and even adults.

laughing dog

Photo Credits to Brittany Elder via The Dodo

Elder’s plan of keeping Pacino under foster care for a while turned to a decision of having him permanently and it has been 5 years since they’ve first shared a hug that forever changed their lives.

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A Hug To change the life of a stray dog