There is nothing that a pet parent will not do for their beloved buddies, and Kealey Pennell is an example of someone who will go the extra mile to give her pup comfort.

Pooch Has Severe Anxiety

Kealey’s pup, named Lemmy, has severe separation anxiety. Wanting to stop her suffering, Kealey comes up with a unique idea! Knowing that Lemmy had this specific corner where she usually rests in, Kealey thought, why not remodel it into a room for her baby!

Lemmy, The Pooch Has Severe Anxiety

She could have easily asked someone else to do it, but the concerned mummy chose to be the carpenter herself! Together with her partner, they began with ripping up everything within the space. At first it was hard, both of them uncertain of its outcome. However, with the supervision of their mighty pooch Lemmy, they got through it.

Lemmy Oversees The Remodel

Lemmy was both their beneficiary and their foreman leading the procurement of materials for her new room’s construction and painting!

After obtaining the needed supplies, they then started to work. They added new shelves where they could place Lemmy’s things and then went on to painting the entire area. Finally, to make it look a little bit more stylish, they added a doggy-themed pillow to complement the whole design!

Along the way Lemmy never missed giving her mom and dad some encouragement, snuggling close to them while they continue with the quarter’s construction and giving them kisses! Her efforts were not put in vain as her new room had turned out to be perfect!

A Stylish Room For Lemmy

Kealey shared this on social media, and the post has received never-ending compliments. Others have also commented about their intent to use the idea for their buddies who have a similar condition, and why not when it is doable and effective?

Lemmy's New Room

Salute to all pet moms and dads who are willing to move mountains for their doggies! Pooches are just the sweetest creatures anyone could ever be with, and they deserve these acts!

Source at mynameislemmy via Instagram

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Anxious pooch finds comfort in small stylish room