Once our canine pals set their minds on what they want, they perform everything to achieve their goal. No matter what their fur parents tell their dogs, nothing can dissuade them from getting what they want.

Thus, it’s not at all surprising for a persistent Jack Russell to hoard all the toys in the store. It seems Dad needs to haggle with the adamant pooch for them to settle at a compromise.

Dog Hoarding The Toys

In this funny footage below, one can initially see a store display filled to the brim with the cutest toys for dogs. At first, you’ll think this video’s featuring one of the popular toy stores for pets.

Airi the Jack Russell is being greedy

However, the camera soon shifts its focus to a lovely Jack Russell named Ari, sitting on the floor. Ari’s fur dad then asks the pooch to pick a toy that he’d like to purchase, upon seeing his facial expression.

At first, the Jack Russell merely stared blankly at Dad. But, upon hearing what Dad said, the pooch immediately sauntered towards the stand and grabbed hold of a toy.

Airi, I said, only one!

On and on, Ari tried to yank one of the toys from its container. But, as the object’s too far away from the pooch’s reach, Dad decides to intervene by getting the entire toy container from its display.

Ari immediately follows the direction where Dad’s taking the toys. Upon placing the box on the floor, the Jack Russell hurriedly grabbed hold of the entire container and pulled it towards the side.

Airi the Jack Russell wants all the toys

By the looks of it, the dog wants to buy all of the toys inside the container. But, as Dad specifically instructed Ari to pick out only one, the adamant pooch continues yanking the box towards his direction in a bid to convince Dad to buy everything.

Do you think Dad acceded to the pooch’s whim? To find out, click on the full linked video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via: YouTube

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Jack Russell Dog Hoarding All The Toys In The Store