Is your dog really smart? Well, you may think so. After all, most dog owners believe that their dog is the best and the smartest one out there. That is not surprising though. However, your dog’s intelligence can depend on the type and breed.

What professionals did was to get the best judges out there who look at obedience of dogs. Together, they studied the different dog breeds and ranked them depending on which one was the best when it came to smarts. Keep in mind though, that if your dog may be on the bottom of the list or may not even be included, this is not a bad thing. An expert once said that it may even be better to have a dog that is not too intelligent as compared to having one that had the best smarts. After all, a smart dog can be quite a handful. Plus, dogs who may not be really that intelligent have their own charm and antics that can make you fall in love with them.

The smartest dogs out there

As per the study on the most intelligent dogs out there, the professionals were able to rank them as per how they obeyed commands. The command that was given was repeated less than five times and the dog did it. Also, the dogs that are included in this group are those who actually followed the command on the first try.

On top of the list is the border collie. Coming second is the poodle, while the German shepherd actually made it to the list at third. Other dogs that are on the list, and in no particular order, are the golden retriever, Shetland sheepdog, Papillon, Australian cattle dog, doberman pinscher, labrador retriever, and rottweiler.

The best dogs that do work

The dogs that are part of this group are those who do new commands after being given to them anywhere from 5 times to 15 times. These are the ones that come right after the first group when it comes to intelligence. They are also the best dogs that do work as they are obedient.

Topping the list on this group is the Pembroke Welsh corgi. Coming in at second place is the miniature schnauzer. The English springer spaniel comes at third. The rest of the dogs that belong to this group, and listed in no particular order, are the Belgian Tervuren, collie keeshond, flat coated retriever, standard schnauzer, cocker spaniel, Belgian Malinois,  Pomeranian, Vizsla, Schipperke Belgian sheepdog, German short-haired pointer, English cocker spaniel, Brittany, Weimaraner, Bernese mountain dog, Pomeranian, Irish water spaniel, and the cardigan Welsh corgi.

So is your dog among those that are the most intelligent? Well, if your dog is, then we can definitely just imagine how proud you may be. It may be time to start training your pup to do even more than what they are doing right now. After all, those smarts should be put to good use and you would be proud to see your dog doing more, too.

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