Our beloved dogs have different personalities. Some are shy and timid, some sociable and adventurous, while others are so clingy that they constantly want to cuddle.

Why Do Dogs Love To Cuddle?

What could be the reason behind their need to be just beside us, those times that they just chose to be close to us.

Experts believe that dogs love to cuddle because it gives them warmth. As the saying goes: “to cuddle means you hold someone close just so you will get some warmth and affection”. With this, you will know that a pile of puppies is not just cute to look at, they actually huddle together for comfort and warmth. It is more of a survival idea that they snuggle to keep each other warm.

For us humans, we can easily snuggle in bed or pull a blanket over our heads. For dogs, keeping warm is a totally different story.

Cuddling Is An Aspect Of Domestication

Did you know the term “three dog night” originated from nights when humans cuddled with dogs (at least three) just so they would feel warm on a brutally cold night? This was early humans’ help in exchange of the dogs’ help with hunting and alerting us from danger.

Experts also say cuddles show our affections. More than the purpose of staying warm, cuddles are given to show affection. It is a way to a more intact bond with our beloved pets. Experts can attest to the fact that dogs value bonding with their owners as compared to other pets.

Cuddling Is A Great Form Of De-stressing

There is the automatic feeling of peace and relief every time an owner pets and cuddles their dog. The feeling is mutual for their furry companions. There are studies that prove an increase in oxytocin levels for both the pet owners and their pets every time they cuddle and “talk”. Oxytocin is what is known in layman’s term as the love hormone – and it is often associated with friendship, trust, and bonding.

Animal experts believe these kind of bonds between humans and dogs were key in the domestication process. According to some theories, dogs succumbed into domestication because there were humans who gave them love, affection, and protection. This bond most definitely involved cuddles.

Why Do Some Dogs Love To Cuddle More Than Others?

This is also a burning question that needs a definite answer. There are dogs who seem to like cuddling more than others. Experts state that it has something to do with breeding. Some are just bred to be affectionate and dependent on their owners – some of which are the following: Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese and Pomeranian.

Some dogs are, by nature, really sweet and clingy. They may not be bred to love and enjoy cuddles, but sometimes their personalities supersede the genetics.

As dog owners, let’s remember that dogs have different personalities. Some may be love cuddling more than others, but one thing is for sure—this shouldn’t stop us from giving them the best love and cuddles they all need.

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Why Do Dogs Love To Cuddle Here Are The Reasons