For most people, traveling is their way of unwinding from the stress of work or life. When they travel, they bring along with them some of the most important persons in their lives. But what better way of traveling than being joined by your dogs?

Traveling With Her Dogs

This Indian woman, who is a journalist by profession, is exploring her city in New Delhi and nearby towns with her dogs. For her, it is her dream to discover her city to tell stories by writing about it. But more than this, she also would love to travel around the city with her pooches.

Divya Dugar, who has been a journalist for eight years now, is living her dream of traveling India with her dogs. This travel aims to put into reality what she learned from history through the books she read.

The woman initially planned to bring with her the three dogs she owned, but unfortunately, one died even before she started traveling. Together with her husband and her two dogs named Tigress and Marco Polo, Divya ventured into wandering the country she grew up.

Advocacy For Stray Dogs

But more than this goal of rediscovering her country, Divya carries with her advocacy for stray dogs. This travel aims to spread awareness about adopting instead of buying pooches. Her two dogs are former stray whom she took under her care in the long run.

According to Divya, she saw a large number of stray dogs loitering India. This is why she is doing her part in helping these pooches find homes forever through the influence she has.

For her, dogs deserve to have homes and a loving family because they can live in harmony with people. More than this, she envisions a safe environment for dogs since some Indians are known to be barbaric towards animals.

She hopes that her advocacy reverberates to the whole of India. She also vows that she will do everything possible to make this dream a reality.

Credits to VAJOR.

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Woman Rediscovers Her Country By Traveling With Her Dogs