It’s almost the Holidays. The most festive season ever is just around the corner. This celebration is all about spending it with our beloved families. Also a part of these seasonal celebrations is capturing moments through photography.

Learn the Tricks on How to Include Your Dog in Holiday Cards

As for dog owners, we know perfectly well how tricky it is to get a good photo of our dog. This could be attributed to a lot of things: like the fact that dogs are easily distracted (most especially if they are not trained to have good impulse control), their short attention span or the fact that they are camera shy.

With the holidays on the way, let’s all learn these photography tips in nailing the perfect family picture with your beloved pooch included for the best dog in holiday cards images!

Colors Make A Difference

To nail that perfect shot, you and the rest of your family need to wear clothes that will compliment each other. There are a lot of choices of holiday pet apparel readily available in shopping malls and pet centers.

Putting your dog in a winter sweater adds a nice touch to the whole picture because it unifies the whole family look. Also consider using backdrop colors – keep them neutral though, for you do not want to distract your pets.

Always Remember, Timing is Key!

As dog owners, we are well aware of the fact that our pets have the shortest attention span. If the photo session takes too long to wrap up there are more chances that our dogs will fall into boredom – and eventually, distraction.

What we can do is accommodate breaks in between the photo session just so your dog can play, spend the pent up energy, and make way for a relax and continuing photo session. Make your photo session short and sweet. Keep on clicking your camera to get the best candid shot instead of waiting for a pose. That way you have more options to choose from.

Hold Your Dog’s Attention

With the common knowledge that dogs are easily distracted, make sure your photographer has something that will hold the attention of your pets. They can utilize something that will make your dog look right into his or her direction. These can be toys or treats, anything that can make your dog sit still for the photo.

Also, if possible, you can lessen other external distractions such as other people and noise.

Make Sure You Work Within Their Comfort Zone

Keep in mind that a photo shoot is not something dogs do on a daily basis. In order to achieve a successful photo shoot, the dog owner and the photographer must go the extra mile to work within the dog’s comfort zone.

Let their personalities shine by arranging a more candid photo shoot instead of a formal one. The photographer can also snap pictures of your pet doing their daily grind such as playing, sleeping, snuggling their favorite toy, among others. This way you could get a great candid shot of your beloved pooch.

Including our dogs in holiday cards may be a stressful thing but it is achievable. With a few good tricks up in our sleeves, nailing that perfect family picture with your dog is easy breezy.

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Include your dog on your holiday cards