We have many things on our plate: family, work and so on. If we have things to do, we don’t get easily bored. But have you ever thought while you are hurrying off to work, “Is my dog bored of not doing anything?”

Chances are, they are.

Identifying Dog Boredom

Dogs are also like humans. If they are not given the right amount of activity they get bored. However, it’s obvious that due to limited access to activities, they are prone to boredom.

They are actually pretty dependent on us when it comes to what activity to do since they can’t walk to the park themselves, they don’t have a job and they can’t buy their own food.

Dog owners have a huge part of making sure that their dogs are physically, mentally and emotionally stimulated because the reality is we are the ones giving meaning to their lives by the activities we give them. Your dog might become imbalanced and get in trouble if they don’t have anything to do. If you notice that your dog is bored, find out why so you can solve it.

Resolving Dog Boredom

Your Dog is Displaying Unwanted Behaviors

If we are not giving them enough to do, most likely our dogs will do something to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, these things are not something we like them to do, such as too much barking, chewing, and eating undesired food in the garbage bin.

You may also see them ransack your shoe rack and see that your shoes are already torn by chewing. Aside from that, you may also see that your precious plants in the garden are destroyed not by a bad weather but by him shoveling up the garden.

We definitely want these behaviors to stop and logically, we should give them something that will occupy their time. If we focus too much on punishing them, this will not solve the issue. A much better approach is to show them support through encouragement of positive behaviors and teaching them good habits.

Find some Dog Boredom Repellers

Puppies are highly capable of ransacking your valued items at home and that was true with Laika when she was still a puppy. At that time, I would give her a food puzzle or a Kong with a lot of cold treats to distract her of doing things I don’t like. This might sound easy, but for our dogs this would make them think a lot. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog will be tired through physical exercise only.

Mental exercises are good pastime for dogs so they will act more appropriate. These food puzzles with cold treats is almost the same as a 30 minute walk with your dog. Of course, combining physical and mental exercise is the best thing that you might want to do to decrease the chances of boredom in your dog. A good example of this is stopping from time to time during dog walk to practice some dog tricks.

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Dog Boredom