Jumping up when meeting people is, to a dog, saying hello. While this is cute, some find this awkward. It can also become excessive which can pose a danger to people and other pets. This is the reason why you need to distinguish the actions of your dog. If it seems to jump in joy over seeing someone then that should be okay but if it starts to become unruly then that should be corrected right away. Doing so will not only do you good but also your furry friend.

Here are some of the ways you can make your jumper dog behave better:

Do not talk enthusiastically when greeting your dog

Jumping up when someone familiar is seen is a dog’s way to greet someone enthusiastically. If it caught you by surprise and you start to talk enthusiastically, it may think that you are enthusiastic about seeing him or her as well. While you may actually be happy about this, you need to stop doing that as this will only encourage your dog to jump up on someone all the time.

Refrain from enthusiastically waving to your dog when you enter your room

Doing this when your dog starts to jump up on you to greet will even further encourage it to do the same. At first, this may seem harmless and cute, but it can get out of hand and become harmful.

Use negative commands

Every time your dog jumps on you as enthusiastic greeting, use the words “off!” and/or “no!” as much as possible. This will let them know that you do not approve their bad behavior. You can also retort back with “sit” while moving backward and command when they jump all over you. These commands will immediately give your dog the idea that you are not happy with the way it is behaving.

Do not let a jumper dog loose

The magic in solving a jumper dog’s behavioral problem is to get your dog in shape and in the right attitude. This cannot be achieved if you let your dog do its thing without any control. While still working on its behavior, keep your dog on a leash when going outdoors.

Also, a review the basics like “sit” and “heel” is very important.

Reward your dog

When your dog behaves well, like when it obeys you to sit or stop jumping up on you, don’t forget to reward it. The reward doesn’t have to be a huge one, a simple stroke on the sides of your dog is already a huge thing for it.

The idea that you need to convey to your dog is that there is no need to jump up on anyone to get attention. It can be achieved by simple gestures which will not risk the safety of everyone in the area.

As soon as you notice that your dog is getting unruly, do the above tips and you’ll be on your way to taming your jumper dog.

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How to Tame Your Jumper Dog With 5 Top Tips