Dogs are man’s best friends. As a best friend, you don’t want your dog to look shabby and sloppy. In fact, you want to give your dog the best when it comes to what it needs. Below are some tips to help you shop for your dog’s needs without breaking the bank.

Make A Doggie Shopping List

If this is the first time you’re shopping for your new dog then you might have a long list. You can narrow that down by simply considering the needs of your dog. Among the most important things to buy are:

1. Crate

Depending on your resources, you can choose to buy a ready-made crate or opt to build one. If you want or need the crate right now, then buying one is a wise decision. if you still have time and the skills to build one then you can opt to create your own.

Choosing the right size of crate for your dog is among the things that you need to remember when shopping for it. You don’t want something that is too huge for your dog. This will only allow your dog to create its own room of comfort inside the crate. Pick one that is at least twice as big as your dog so it won’t cramp inside but not too big for it.

2. Food Bowl

Aside from sleeping and resting, your dog loves to eat. Make sure you spend wisely on this one. Choose a food bowl that is safe and free from unwanted chemicals. Flashy and ridiculously cheap ones which do not have the standard seal of the governing agency for these kinds of stuff are usually unsafe.

3. Leash

You have plenty of reasons to keep a leash near once you already own a dog. You need this for in-house and obedience training your dog. You need a short and a long one for these activities.

The leashes should be made of high grade and durable materials like leather or nylon. These are tough materials that your dog won’t be able to easily break during training. You’ll also want to get your dog a nice, stylish leash, which you’ll use when you go out on leisure walks. This is especially necessary when you plan to visit public places and when your dog starts training with you.

4. Dog Toys

You will need a lot of dog toys basically for training. You will also need them for your dog’s exercises and games.

Compare Quality and Prices Online and Offline

To keep yourself from spending much more than necessary, use your resources to compare prices. There are a lot of online shops that cater to dog parents’ needs when it comes to pooch supplies. They usually offer to ship, so everything is much easier.

For a more effective shopping for your pooch’s stuff, take your lovely furball with you. Your dog’s vet can help you choose the best items available in the market, so pay him a visit before shopping.

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How to shop for your dog