To a dog parent, it is painful to see his dog hurting itself. Biting, scratching and rubbing itself until it gets all scratched up and bloody is never a good sight. While there are loads of cure for infestation of all kinds, prevention is still the best choice for good dog health.

Protecting your dog from all parasites should start at home. From its crate to the surroundings, keep these areas clean to keep unwanted ticks and elements out. It is also a wise decision to veer away from places that raise red flags. Among these are woods, dumpsters, and damp areas among so many others.

Preventing Dangerous Parasites

Cleanliness is the first thing that will guarantee a parasite-safe place for your dog. Make sure that you keep your surroundings clean, down to the shrubs or grass on your lawn. They are all potential breeding and hiding grounds for hideous dog parasites so clean them often. You should also give special attention to these things:

1. Sanitize Your Dog Crate Regularly

The most potential place for ticks and other potent dog parasites is its crate. This place is definitely warm, and sometimes damp and dirty at the same time. Thus, this can be a potential hiding and breeding place for these pesky parasites. Stop them from hiding and breeding in this supposed haven for your dog by keeping it clean and sanitized regularly.

2. Keep Your Dog’s Key Areas Spic And Span

In getting rid of dog parasites, it is not enough that its crate is clean. Consider your dog’s access to other areas in your home and neighborhood. All these key places are potential parasite breeding and hiding places, so make sure they are clean and sanitized as well.

How To Protect Your Dog From Dangerous Parasites

If you should go to potential parasite hideouts like beaches and dumpsters, make sure you sanitize or clean up when you get home. This will help keep any parasite from hiding in your dog’s crate, floor mat, or stored boxes. From there, the parasite can find its way back to your dog’s hair and feed on its blood.

3. Apply Anti-parasite Products

Either for prevention or treatment purposes, investing in high quality but dangerous chemical-free anti-parasite products is a must. Use this regularly on your dog’s fur or as stated on the package. Also, make sure you get expert advice from your vet on this before choosing and starting any treatment or preventive measure.

4. Stay Away From Woody, Bushy Areas

Probably among the most effective preventive measures in keeping your pet parasite-free is to veer away from known parasite potential breeding and hiding grounds. Among these are bushy, sandy, and woody areas. Stay clear from these places.

At home, keep the bushes and grass short and trimmed and refrain from keeping stacks of old newspapers. Old boxes and other attic-stored items are also potential hiding and breeding grounds for these parasites.

You can always protect your dog from parasites if you keep your surroundings clean and free of things that are good for disposal already.

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Tips To Prevent Dangerous Parasites In Your Dog