Growing up, we’ve all been told about the power of good words and their uplifting effect on the human psyche. This dog’s facial expression sums everything up.

This doggo is a Shinu Iba breed; their breed is affectionate and protective towards their owners, hence their popularity.

Silly Grin

On this day, this dog was all smiles because his hoomans kept on telling him what a good boy he was. We guess that good words have the same effect, no matter the language.

He was so happy to be called a good boy that he couldn’t stop smiling. The kind that lets people know that his happiness came from the soul and reached all the way to his bones.

Shiba Inu grin

The furry baby brought his toys like the good boy he is. His owners gave him generous body rubs, repeating those wonderful words that gave the dog a silly smile on his face.

How Canine Pets Feel

He wagged his tail in delight, happy to comply with whatever his owners asked of him. This pet proved that there’d be zero problems in the workplace when one’s a happy worker.

Shiba Inu toy

The Shinu Iba looked a little crazy, but we think it’s the good kind. Nobody could wipe that grin off even if they tried. You are a good boy, indeed, doggo!

Even with a little pillow fight between this Shinu and another dog, the good vibes remained. He smiled and wagged his tail the entire time, and it’s adorable to watch.

Shiba Inu with happy soul

It’s always great to have a pet at home, and it’s even better to have a happy soul in one. Just look at this dog; we doubt you’ll have a hard time deciding to have one.

Anyone looking at this pet will undoubtedly smile and chuckle at that silly grin pasted on his face. We don’t mind; keep smiling, doggo!

Photo and video credits to Rapid Liquid via YouTube

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Shiba Inu Shows Canine Happiness