Every fur parent would agree that their canine pals are some of the most helpful creatures on this planet. Even if there’s no verbal command, dogs instinctually do whatever they can to assist their fur parents, just as this helpful golden retriever does.

Thus, one supportive golden retriever readily carries a bag of groceries as they walk their way home. Despite the weight of the grocery pack, the dog happily performs the task so long as it can make its fur parent happy.

Helpful Golden Retriever

In this heartwarming footage, a woman carries two grocery bags while walking on the sidewalk. But, the woman isn’t alone while trudging the busy area as her faithful golden retriever follows her closely.

Dog helps owner with groceries

At first, you’ll think the pooch is merely accompanying its fur mom’s grocery trip. However, if you look more closely, one can see that the dog’s carrying a grocery bag as well.

For the next few seconds, Mom and the pooch walk alongside each other as they make their way home from the grocery store. The golden retriever even carefully gripped the plastic bag to prevent spilling its contents on the sidewalk.

Good Job, Mate!

As the video progressed, Mom and the pooch continued walking on the pavement while carrying their grocery bags. But, it seems Mom’s in a hurry as she hastens her pace.

Dog carries grocery bag for owner

Despite seeing its fur mom speed up, the Golden Retriever doesn’t seem flustered at all. The pooch carried on with its usual pace while making sure that it can still see Mom despite the distance between them.

However, it looks like the golden retriever needs to hasten its pacing as well, as the distance between the two slowly widens. Do you think the dog ran towards its fur mom to catch up with her at the expense of the package it carries? You’ll see by watching the full video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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Supportive golden retriever carries groceries home