We do everything we can for our pet dogs. We take care of them, provide for them, and we make sure that they are safe and sound, just like how they would save us too. We should always look out to protect them from any type of harm –  including birds, yes birds.

We’re not talking about the Tweety-looking cute birds. We’re talking about predatory birds who might think of small dogs as their next meal. Cecilia Celis, a Las Vegas teenager, learned about this lesson the hard way. But thankfully, her pup was safe, despite being wounded.

predatory birds who might think of small dogs as their next meal

Hawks are large predatory birds that prey on small animals. They hunt mice, fish, rabbits, squirrels, and apparently small dogs too. Celis heard his Yorkie, Lulu, cry for help one day while they were playing in their backyard. She went out to investigate and was surprised by what she saw.

Hawk tried to fly off with Yorkie

She saw a large bird who was believed to be a hawk, whose talons were clutching on Lulu. The hawk tried to go and fly off with her pet to serve as its meal that day. Luckily, Celis heard Lulu’s cries and was able to rescue her poor pup. She tried to yell at the hawk, but it didn’t budge.

Hawk Tried To Fly Off With Yorkie - Teenager Fights It Off

She then picked up a throw pillow and started whacking at the hawk’s wings. She hit the large bird three times before it let go of Lulu and flew away.

Fight Caught On Camera

Everything was caught by their house’s security cameras from the moment when the hawk grabbed Lulu until the moment Celis fought off the bird.

Video credit: KSNV News 3 Las Vegas via Youtube

Lulu suffered minor injuries from the hawk’s talons, but Celis would gladly take that over losing her pup to the bird. Closer images suggest that the hawk was somebody else’s pet who got loose. Celis hopes that this becomes a reminder to pet owners, to be more vigilant regarding predatory birds.

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Teen Fights Off Hawk Trying To Fly Away With Yorkie