Dogs, like people, have multifaceted personalities. Our canine friends can be mischievous one minute, and a life-saving hero the next. That is precisely the story of Hank the Golden Retriever.

Hank Was Mischievous

Six years ago, when Hank was just a tiny pup, he got into some serious mischief. Hank ate his owner’s brand new slip on Vans shoes. Strangely enough, exactly six years later to the day, Hank would prove to be the family hero.

Hank Was Mischievous

Golden Retriever Saves The Day

Hank’s owner, who goes by the handle Ulysses S. Cocksman on Twitter, described how Hank came to the family’s rescue. The Golden Retriever’s owner received a reminder on social media that his dog had eaten his wife’s shoe six years ago. Later that night, at midnight, the house was quiet, and the owner’s wife and children were sleeping. All of a sudden, Hank started barking incessantly in the family’s living room.

Hank’s owner was luckily awake and in another room finishing up a movie. He came into the living room to see what the Golden Retriever was barking at when he saw that his backyard was glowing; the entire yard was on fire. Their work shed was full of paint and gasoline, and it was up in flames. The trees were on fire. There was smoke, leaves, and embers everywhere.

Hank The Golden Retriever Saves families from fire

The father woke his family and dialed 911. He managed to get everyone outside safely and watched as the fence went up in flames, and the fire started to spread to his neighbor’s home. He went over and woke the neighbor in time for her to get herself, her children, and her dog outside to safety.

Hank’s owner said the fire crew did a magnificent job. The fire was out of control and took a long time to put out. Thanks to Hank, the Golden Retriever, the entire family, and the neighbors were saved.

Photo credits: Ulysses S. Cocksman Twitter

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Hank saves family and neighbors from family