Dogs love to please their fur parents in any way they can. Even if our canine pals need to hide their wrongdoings, they’re willing to do so to prevent their fur parents from getting mad at them.

Thus, one adorable pup impishly tries to hide the evidence of its mischief even if Mom caught it red-handed. Despite acting calmly, the pooch seemed to buckle from the pressure of the tense situation.

Did you chew on my boot, Thor?

In this hilariously amusing video clip, a camera scans its surroundings for a particular object. After a few seconds, the camera finally focused on a black-furred dog named Thor.

dog sitting upright on couch

At first, you’ll think Thor’s merely taking a respite from an energetic activity. However, Mom soon asks the dog what he’s doing on the couch.

Unlike most dogs that immediately bark in response, Thor behaves differently. The pooch merely stares back at Mom silently as she continues to interrogate him. However, Mom soon spots her beloved boot sitting next to Thor.

Guilty Puppy: Did you do that, Thor?

Seeing the apparent evidence of her pooch’s mischief, Mom keeps asking Thor if he chewed on her boot. And, just like what he did earlier, Thor silently stares at Mom, perhaps afraid that his voice would give his guilt away.

However, Mom’s not satisfied with the dog’s response as she continues to ask Thor to fess up. Mom carried on with her probing, but nothing can make adamant Thor admit his fault.

ashamed thor

Yet, the dog maintained wearing a flat effect on its face. But, with Mom persistently asking Thor if he’s the culprit behind the destroyed shoe, the dog cracked.

How do you think Thor blew his bluff? It’s best to watch the full video in the link below for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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