Service dogs are just one of a kind. A Philadelphia woman was rescued from a terrible house fire because of her service dog – a Golden Retriever named Yolanda. Yolanda amazingly called 911 when a fire broke out in the home of her owner, a 60-year-old blind woman. The service dog called the police for help using a specialized phone.

Dog Called 911

The authorities immediately came to help and put out the flames. The woman was brought to the hospital for smoke inhalation treatment. Now, this isn’t the first time Yolanda alerted authorities using the specialized phone. Last year, the brave, heroic dog called 911 when her owner fell and lost consciousness.

Yolanda is just what every individual with disability needs. Although Yolanda and her owner lost their home due to the fire, they are being assisted by Red Cross and Red Paw. Way to go Yolanda. The Golden Retriever was trained to be a service dog for the blind.

Training Service Dogs

They are taught to open doors, push buttons on elevators, make phone calls, and alert their owners during dangerous situations. Ever since dogs were trained to become service dogs, individuals with disabilities are now able to live independently. They are confident that with their service dogs beside them, they can live a healthy life.

However, not all dogs can be trained to become service dogs. There are factors to be considered before a dog can become one. These factors include a dog’s breed, temperament, and of course, their patience. But all in all, dogs love to serve people.

They protect their humans fiercely and would do anything to keep us safe. Furthermore, they can give us what only a few people can, and that is loyalty and love. That is why we should never take our dogs for granted. We should treat them with respect and care.

Source Red Phoenix via YouTube

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Guide Dog Calls 911 To Report House Fire