Aside from the critical and deadly consequences of Coronavirus, there’s one consequence that most of us seem to overlook: isolation.

Seniors Isolated

Medical experts have already said that people who are 60 years old and above are more prone to the virus. Hence, nursing homes had no choice but to put their elderly residents under quarantine. It means that they must be isolated from other people, including their loved ones, to prevent the risk of contracting with the virus.

Even though nursing homes act in the best interests of their elderly residents, a quarantined state can take a heavy toll on them. But one dog owner had a great idea to do her part in uplifting the spirits of these isolated elderly tenants.

Great Dane Spreads Love Amidst Coronavirus Isolation 

Great Dane Spreads Love

Meet Courtney Leigh, who joined forces with her Great Dane Tonka, in spreading the love at Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites in Cedar Park, Texas.

Courtney and Tonka visited the nursing home to cheer up and bring smiles to the elderly residents there. Also, this visit is meant to remind them that even in their confined situation, someone stills remember them and wants to see them.

The two community heroes were allowed to do this because there are windows that separate them from elderly tenants. It allowed them to say their message of love without infecting them. The only thing that was allowed to infect and spread that day was LOVE, which the two have successfully done.

Great Dane Spreads Love To Quarantined Senior Citizens Amidst Coronavirus Isolation 

Since Tonka is a therapy dog, he is more than well-fit for this cause.

Waving and saying hello and bringing signage which says, “I Miss You” might seem a little act for some, but by taking a closer look, it isn’t.

With the elderly residents’ quarantined and isolated situation, these acts would surely bring positivity, motivation, and a feeling of significance for them, things that they need the most in these trying times.

Indeed, it is true that disasters bring out the best and worst in human beings, and we’re fortunate to see people who clearly show the best things that can come out from them.

Source: kxan via Youtube

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Great Dane Spreads Love To Quarantined Seniors