We usually can’t get enough of puppies. But in the case of this story, we have literal puppy overload! A Great Dane in Kingsman, Arizona gave birth to a whopping nineteen puppies via C-section and tied a record in the United States.

A Surprise Litter Count

Four-year-old Great Dane, Cleo, became pregnant and her owner knew she was going to have a large litter. But no one could have guessed nearly twenty puppies would be born later that year. Owner Rebecca said the Great Dane was rushed to the Kingman Animal Hospital on February 23 to deliver her litter.

19 Great Dane puppies

The doctors became increasingly concerned as it looked like there might be a lot of puppies. They called in additional staff and even family members to help with the birth. One doctor said it was the never-ending birth. She could not believe more puppies kept coming out. The staff had initially thought there might be ten, but Cleo gave birth to nearly double that amount.

How Many Puppies?!

It took eleven staff and volunteer total to deliver all nineteen of Cleo’s pups successfully. In the small town of Kingsman Cleo became instantly famous for her large litter. The Great Dane went home with seventeen of the puppies, while two were held in intensive care at the hospital.

Great Dane with 19 puppies

Great Danes are among the biggest breeds of dog. Nineteen Great Dane puppies plus one full-grown mother produces a tremendous space challenge that few homes would be fit for. Luckily, Rebecca quickly found permanent homes for all seventeen of the puppies brought home with Cleo.

Credits: Kingman Animal Hospital Facebook and CBS Local News YouTube

People started inquiring about adopting from all over the States. The new puppies have found homes in Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada.

In 2014, a Great Dane named Snowy gave birth to nineteen puppies. However, the world record is held by a Neapolitan Mastiff who gave birth to twenty-four puppies in 2004.

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Litter of 19 pups by great dane