The bond between a doggo and a child is just pure magic. They will become the best of friends forever, even after the child has grown up. Dogs are not only there to play with the little ones, but they can also serve them, too, just like how our childhood dogs had served us when we were young.

In the viral video below, we will see a dog who has undoubtedly formed a loving bond with his little human. The pooch loves the boy so much that he becomes excited about the child getting back home from school. It’s safe to say that these two friends have had countless hours of fun playing together, that’s why they can’t get enough of each other.

good dog waits

Good Dog Waits

The clip starts off with the doggo laying on the grass, searching for his best bud, and their mom behind him filming everything. The school bus approaches and the pup is eager to rush towards it, but he is disciplined enough to wait for his mother’s go signal before doing anything.

Once the yellow bus has stopped, his mom says, “okay,” and the pooch leaped into action! He dashed towards the bus in just a couple of seconds! That’s how excited he was to see his little human. He sat right in front of the bus doors and waited for them to open wide.

dog greeting owner at bus stoop

A couple of kids got off the bus and our enthusiastic pup was courteous enough to move aside to allow the kids to step down and off of the vehicle. Once his favorite little human got off, the doggo approached him immediately. The pooch grabbed his bag and they ran towards their home.

He’s a Helpful Pooch, Too!

The pup lagged behind because he kept on dropping the boy’s backpack, but he was determined to carry it for the little boy, whom he must’ve figured was tired from school. Hopefully, he wasn’t too tired to play with his furry friend because, for sure, that’s what the doggo had been looking forward to the whole day.

Credits: Waggle TV

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Good Dog Waits For His Little Human To Get Off Of The School Bus