Reunions are often touching and uplifting occasions. Such was the case when eight golden retrievers gathered together to see their mom after a year of being separated from each other.

Litter of 8 Golden Retrievers

On average, female golden retrievers give birth to eight puppies. Because the litter size is quite large, the puppies often end up being raised by different owners, as it is not easy to take care of too many puppies at the same time.

The golden retrievers in our story were born in 2016. They were all healthy and active puppies. Several weeks after they were born, they were taken to different homes to be with their new owners. They never saw their mother or any of their siblings after that.

A year later, their human parents decided to let the dogs meet their siblings and their mom. They arranged a get together for the dogs on February 12, 2017, one day after the golden retrievers’ first birthday.

Fortunately, all eight of them were able to make it for their first ever reunion since getting separated the previous year. Of course, mama dog went to the mini party to see her one-year-old pups. The dog owners brought their golden retrievers to Sutton Coldfield Park in Birmingham.

Golden Retriever Reunion

It was heartwarming to see the dogs wagging their tails nonstop as they recognized their siblings’ familiar scent. After exchanging excited greetings, the dogs played together. They chased each other on the park and enjoyed their playtime to their hearts’ content.

To celebrate the event, the pups’ human parents had a birthday cake made for them. They also had the golden retrievers pose for a group photo.

Source: edmunek via YouTube

The reunion was recorded on video, which was uploaded on social media. With close to 4 million views, the video is a sure hit among online viewers, many of whom commented what a great idea it was to have the dogs see each other once more.

The dog reunion was indeed a memorable day for the golden retriever siblings and their mom. It was also special for their human parents, who got to witness the strong family bond among the dogs.

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8 Golden Retriever Siblings See Each Other Again In Heartwarming Reunion With Mom