A Golden Retriever named Daniel won the sporting group in the Westminster dog show. Daniel had previously won the best dog award in Tonawanda Valley Kennel Club show.

Golden Retriever Does Good At Dog Show

Karen Mammano is the Golden Retriever‘s trainer and handler. Karen and Daniel had advanced to a group of dogs that were competing for the top prize, the “Best in Show.” There were six other dogs in the group who had their eyes set on the top prize in the competition.

Golden Retriever Does Good

The five-year-old pooch from Ligonier, Pennsylvania, had earlier defeated other breeds in the hunting group to win the blue ribbon. After the victory, the dog pranced around with the blue ribbon in his mouth while the crowd made a massive cheer for the pooch.

By the look of the excitement that the crowd was showing, it was quite probable that the roof of the place could come off had the Retriever won the top prize. Daniel came close but could not win the Best in Show prize. A Standard Poodle was announced the winner, and a Whippet has named the reserve best.

Around 2600 canines participated in the competition this year.

Big Winners

Since the show began in the year 1877, not a single Golden Retriever has been able to win the event. It should be noted, though, that the American Kennel Club recognized Golden Retrievers as a breed in the year 1925.

Daniel has been able to win 26 Specialty Best of Breeds, 19 Best in Shows, and also was the winner in the sporting group of the National Dog Show organized in the year 2019. The 2019 National Dog Show was aired on television on Thanksgiving Day.

According to a survey conducted by the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers are considered as the third most popular breed in the United States.

Image source: Johannes Eisele via MSN

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Golden Retriever Does Good At Westminster Dog Show