Everybody thought the tiny puppy was a Pomeranian when he was a German Shepherd. Ranger the puppy had this rare genetic condition that keeps him small.

German Shepherd With Genetic Condition

Ranger was the last one of the litter. He was so little but had a big dog personality.

The dog looked different from a regular German Shepherd because of his fluffy fur. Darcy and Shelby, his owners, were getting worried because he wasn’t growing like a regular dog.

Ranger’s owners would say that he was a runt and would just grow a little later. But when they brought him home they noticed the dog had parasites that were probably stunting his growth.

The next day they took Ranger to the vet and had a couple of specialists take a look at him. The vet said that there was a good possibility that he was a dwarf.

The thought of that was quite scary at first, especially since there were only a few articles online about this genetic disease. Darcy and Shelby had no idea what to expect.

Ranger Is A Happy Dog

At one point, Ranger had lost all his fur completely. The owners thought it was probably the thyroid, a common symptom of dwarfism.

The dog was tested and put on medication but he never acted sick. He was always happy and upbeat.

As the months passed, the dog’s fur was slowly growing back until they were surprised to see him with a full coat. They were very thankful that Ranger was healthy.

Watch the incredible story below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube

At two years old Ranger weighed fifteen pounds and looked little bigger than a cat. He was a very talkative dog that loved to be cuddled.

Despite his genetic condition he was a perfectly normal dog. He brought so much joy into Shelby and Darcy’s life.

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Everybody thought the tiny puppy was a Pomeranian when he was a German Shepherd