When Rocco’s family found out they were having a baby, they chose to surrender the German Shepherd to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center. Sadly, that wasn’t the best place for the dog, whose world just turned upside down.

German Shepherd Seen Cowering

The German Shepherd suddenly found himself in a strange place without even knowing why. Clearly distressed, Rocco cowered in one corner of his kennel, looking around him in bewilderment and confusion.

A visitor at the shelter named Molly Chance couldn’t help noticing how scared Rocco was, so she took a short video of the pooch. She then uploaded it to social media, hoping that someone with a kind heart would get Rocco out of there immediately.

German Shepherd Seen Cowering before adoption

The clip went viral on Facebook, getting almost 5 million views and more than 82,000 shares. Preethi Pillaipakkam, a volunteer for Texas-based organization DFW German Shepherd Rescue, saw the video and decided to foster the canine.

Rocco Relaxes

He would eventually be going to a new home, but Preethi could at least help him adjust to his situation. Rocco undoubtedly needed lots of support; he was afraid of even stepping into his rescuer’s car. The canine hid under the seat throughout the entire trip.

Rocco continued to be nervous and unsettled during his first few days with his foster family. However, with Preethi’s gentle guidance and the friendship of her own German Shepherd, the pooch started to undergo a beautiful transformation.

German Shepherd with one ear up closeup

Rocco discovered how fun playing with Katja and Preethi is, and he also started becoming more curious about his surroundings. Soon, the German Shepherd couldn’t stop following his foster mom around, always wanting to be where she is.

Source: roccostar_gsd on Instagram

About a month after his rescue, Rocco went to his forever family in Texas. His Instagram account, which currently has over 6,000 followers, shows an entirely different canine from the one in the viral video.

The once timid dog now radiates with happiness. Rocco the German Shepherd is all smiles in his new home, and we can’t help but smile with him. Watch the German Shepherd happily running around with his canine sister in the video.

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German Shepherd is all smiles in his new home