Research shows that dogs react very similar to people when a baby (or anyone) is crying. Humans usually feel a sense of worry and discomfort. We become distressed. We immediately feel the urge to help. It turns out; dogs react the same way. Dogs can feel empathy toward our pain. A baby crying raises cortisol levels in both human beings and dogs.

The Sound Of Crying

In this funny video, a woman finds a clip of a child crying on her laptop and plays it for her dogs. Her one dog, a black German Shepherd, named Gotham, reacts in such a cute and hilarious way, the video went viral quickly. Check out the funny clip below:

In the clip, Gotham is playing with a few fellow dogs and some toys. He is seen with a big orange ball in his mouth. His owner decides to play a clip of a baby crying to see what kind of reaction she would get out of the dogs. Gotham and another dog stop playing and stare at their owner. Another dog walks around, seemingly unaware of the sound.

Gotham Drops The Ball In Concern

Gotham is clearly the most concerned. His ears are standing straight up, and he suddenly tilts his head. In the funniest part of the clip, the black German Shepherd drops the orange ball out of his mouth, keeping his mouth gaped open in disbelief of what he’s hearing. What a classic face!

German Shepherd drops the ball

Gotham walks over to see what the sound is. He stares intently at the video with a very concerned look on his face. He walks away for a moment and contemplates picking up his ball again, when he hears the baby cry once more and turns around, concerned. He tilts his head and looks on with a sad face. His owner can’t stop laughing. She soon loses control of her phone and the video ends. So adorable and funny!

Credits: The Pet Collective YouTube

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Concerned dog drops ball when he hears crying