Dogs, along with cats and other animals, often find themselves high on the list of things we find adorable. Well, shouldn’t they be? These fluff balls look cute no matter what they do. Sometimes, we get lost in their cuteness that we tend to forget to get mad at them for chewing on the couch or something.

Aside from dogs, sleeping kids rank high on the list, too. They look so peaceful when they’re snoozing. It’s as if their angelic faces are reminding us that no matter how crazy things currently are, they’re bound to get better. They give us something to smile about after a long, stressful day.

Sleeping With The Fluff Balls

A video that recently made the rounds online featured a little girl and her four-legged best friends sleeping together. Dabao, the Golden Retriever, was already lying down on the bed next to her. Motor, the cat, made sure she had enough space to sleep on before lying down.

When the girl finally positioned herself beside the two animals, Dabao wrapped his arm around her. She then gently placed her hand on Motor’s head before finally closing her eyes. Her mom, who was watching them the whole time, grabbed her camera to take a video of them.

The Adorable Trio

When the girl’s mom uploaded their video on Douyin, it quickly made rounds online. It has a whopping 3.5 million followers as of writing. This isn’t the first time people saw a video of the adorable trio since the girl’s mom has been documenting their daily adventures since 2018.

People looking for something to smile about would drop by the mom’s Douyin account to watch videos of the adorable trio. Sometimes, they would even share the videos with their friends, family, and online contacts to spread the good vibes. Check out the video of the adorable trio below:

Credits to KLH100

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Four-legged Best Friends caught on camera