Dogs and cats aren’t exactly the closest friends out there. But we all know that it’s not impossible to raise both under the same roof. Animal lovers who like both pets aim to have them at the same time. If you want to try to reach this same goal, be warned. There will be a fair amount of fighting involved.

Our pups can be unruly and relentless, especially during their younger years. This does not bode well for both parties since cats don’t like being touched by people or creatures that they don’t like. But this is only speaking in general. Some cats can be friendly enough to put aside their innate hatred for the canines.

kitten introduced to puppies

If you like watching videos about cats and dogs, then you’ve probably seen hundreds of videos of dogs and cats getting along well. So much so, that sometimes they save or protect one another. In this particular video, however, the cat gets mauled by the dogs!

But don’t worry, no fur baby got hurt in the making of this video. It’s just pure two minutes of fluffy cuteness. The video is set at a family’s yard where they set up a small pen for the Border Collie puppies to play in. Later on, the humans decided to put their cat, Sissy, in the pen to see what happens.

border collies sniffing sissy

We’re pretty sure that they already knew nothing bad would come out of it because if they weren’t, then that’s just bad fur parenting. As soon as the puppies saw the kitty, they went for her! But they didn’t bite her or anything, they just snuggled with her and licked her with youthful vigor!

There were too many puppies inside the pen, and Sissy just got overwhelmed. But despite the pups being unruly, the kitty didn’t fight them. She just let them do their thing; perhaps she is already used to living with dogs. At some point in the video, Sissy was looking at her humans, and it’s as if she was asking: “Why have you forsaken me, hoomans?” See the hilariously cute clip below.

Credits: Poke My Heart

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Fluffy puppies pile on top of aunt cat