When you’ve had a dog as long as Alfonse Attard has you can’t imagine your life without it. The seventy-five-year-old Australian fisherman almost lost his dog off the coast of Melbourne while out fishing early one morning.

Fisherman and Dog Capsize

Alfonse Attard from Melbourne was out early in the morning on January 5 with his Jack Russell terrier named Jack. They were about one kilometer off of Altona Beach when Attard noticed water was starting to leak into his fishing boat. At about 6:30 a.m., the boat capsized, throwing Attard into the ocean. Frantically holding on to the edge of his boat, he hoped someone would see him and come to their rescue.

Fisherman And Terrier Rescued At Sea

Two other fishermen, Laurie Borg and his son Trever, spotted Attard holding onto his capsized boat. After rescuing Alfonse and bringing him to shore, the elderly man started panicking about his dog. Jack has been Attard’s pet for over eighteen years. The water police and the Altona Life Saving Club send volunteers back out into the water in search of the Jack Russell terrier.

Terrier Rescued At Sea

Terrier Rescued At Sea

A volunteer turned the capsized boat over, and the terrier was found safely inside towards the front nose of the boat. The volunteer believes there was an air pocket there and the courageous dog had tread water for over an hour until he was rescued.

The volunteers brought Jack to shore to be reunited with his owner. Alfonse jumped up and down for joy when he saw his terrier was okay. Check out the video below:

Alfonse believes the leak was caused by a loose plug located at the bottom of the boat. The accident has not put him off boating; he went out the next day to fish. Hopefully, the Jack Russell terrier was smart enough to insist on staying safe on dry ground!

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Fisherman & Dog Capsize at Sea