hen a German Shepherd recently gave birth to a puppy with a Salvador Dali mustache, the internet went wild with interest. Of course, the puppy didn’t have a real mustache, just a marking that resembles the famous painter’s distinguished bristles.

Salvador Dali Mustache

The German Shepherd gave birth to a litter of eleven adorable puppies, but one was unique from the others. A brown and white female puppy came out with a black spot of fur that looks remarkably like a handlebar mustache. Dallas Animal Services found the mother and her litter of eleven on the outskirts of a Texas primary school in July. When they saw the puppy, they thought she should be named in honor of the Spanish Surrealist painter.

Female Puppy With A Salvador Dali Mustache

With a slight change of spelling, she was now known as Salvador Dolly. When a nonprofit organization called Hearts and Bones Animal Rescue saw a picture of Salvador Dolly, they knew she was special. The organization immediately took the mother and her eleven newborn puppies. Whitney Fang and Kevin Zhu of Hearts and Bones said they comb shelters looking for dogs to rescue, as well as find appropriate foster homes for the rescue dogs.

Female Puppy With A Salvador Dali Mustache Breaks The Internet

Finding Homes for Rescue Dogs

Hearts and Bones Animal Rescue was founded in 2017 and has brought together thousands of rescue dogs with both foster and permanent homes. They are based both in the Dallas area and in New York City. Salvador Dolly can now be seen on the Hearts and Bones homepage of their website.

Credits: Whitney Instagram and The Dallas Morning News YouTube

It’s no surprise that Salvador Dolly’s pictures went viral. People from all over have expressed interest in the “mustache puppy.” Kevin said they’ve received a lot of adoption requests for Dolly, and are in the process of vetting each potential family. They are confident they will find the right home for the unique German Shepherd. Kevin also reminded everyone there are ten other adorable puppies from this litter available for adoption as well. Check out the video.

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Female Puppy With A Salvador Dali Mustache Breaks The Internet