In Aberystwyth, Wales, a working sheepdog makes an incredible journey from one farm to his home farm in twelve days.

Sheepdog Walks Hundreds of Miles

The black and white sheepdog named Pero belongs to Alan and Shan James, who own a farm in Penrhyn-coch, Ceredigion. The James family decided to send the four-year-old sheepdog away to another farm for a trial run. That farm was almost two-hundred-and-fifty miles north of the dog’s birthplace, in a town called Cockermouth in Cumbria.

Sheepdog Walks Hundreds Of Miles To Find Way Home

Then on April 8, Alan James received a phone call from the other farm, saying his sheepdog had gone missing. Twelve days later, the James family was shocked to discover Pero sitting on their front doorstep. Obviously very unhappy in his new home, the dog had somehow made his way back to the family farm.

Stunned, the James family said Pero looked just a bit thinner but was otherwise in good health. They are mystified how the dog managed to find its way back to their home. Shan James is certain people must have looked after her dog on his journey. He had no signs of being malnourished or dehydrated.

a long way from Cockermouth to Wales

No GPS For Pero

The James family has over fifteen sheepdogs working on their farm. They know sheepdogs are hard workers and walk all day. But they are still shocked the dog navigated through the countryside and possibly on busy motorways. Pero would have had to walk at least twenty miles every day to make it home in only twelve days.

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Alan James said his sons make the same journey to Cockermouth every summer, but even they have to use satellite navigation to find their way home. It’s remarkable little Pero made the journey with no navigation or help, and he made it back safely and in good health. Animal behaviorists say it’s not impossible for a dog to find its way home, but such a long distance is extraordinary.

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Dog walks 240 miles home