The Light family never thought that their vacation in Cyprus would have one unique twist. They came across a stray beagle, fell in love, and decided to bring it back to the UK with them.

Encounter With A Stray Dog

The Light family of the UK had a grand time vacationing in Cyprus. But the highlight of their trip was perhaps coming across a stray beagle while strolling the beautiful village of Kouklia.

Stray beagle

The beagle was frail and dirty, but he was also utterly friendly. When he saw the Light family, his tail wagged excitedly. The family was delighted with the pup’s joy and friendliness, but they also felt sad for him. The pup looked thin and malnourished. He also had a wound at the ear that needed medical attention.

Beagle and owner asleep

As animal lovers, the Light family couldn’t bear it in their hearts to leave the stray pup alone. They unanimously decided that they should bring him to their accommodation.

Stray dog gets comfort

The family used a can of dog food to entice the dog to board their car. The poor pup munched on the delicious treat and licked every last bit of it. And as soon as they arrived at their accommodation, the family then made a makeshift bed for him. The pup stayed in this soft and comfortable spot and slept there for hours.

Wilf Flies Home

Next, the family took the pup to a vet to get him checked. The vets saw that shards of shrapnel caused his wounds. The family was even more heartbroken to learn this. They can’t even imagine the kind of pain this poor pup had gone through in the past.

Wilf and his new family

So, the Light family took it upon themselves to give this pup a good life. They named him Wilf, and promised to take care of him from then on. The Lights pulled all the strings to bring Wilf from Cyprus to the UK.

Wilf could not be happier with the turn of events. Not only does he have a safer place to live, but he also gets unlimited amounts of love and cuddles from his new humans.

Dog cuddles teddy bear

Nowadays, Wilf could be seen snuggling with his plush toys. He is also particularly fond of teddy bears. Of course, Wilf gets hugs and belly rubs on-demand, so there’s nothing more he could ask for. We’re all happy for you, Wilf!

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Family Stumbles Upon A Stray Dog While On Holiday Decides To Bring Him Home