When the Coates’ family dog, Zoey, fell ill, they thought putting her to sleep was the best thing to do. But they found out six months later that Zoey was alive.

The hardest decision

Tawny Coates and her family have had Zoey, a boxer, for many years. Zoey is a sweet dog, and everybody loves her. But as Zoey grew old, the family noticed that her health declined as well. The dog was having too many seizures. She also had a massive mass at one side of her body.

dog reunited with owner

Believing that the mass was cancerous and that it was causing the dog pain, Tawny felt it was best to let Zoey go. It was a difficult decision to make, but she also can’t bear seeing Zoey’s health taking a downward spiral.

A few months Prior to Zoey’s sickness, the family struggled about losing their home and Tawny’s husband being imprisoned. Tawny’s son, Jaxton, in particular, was heartbroken. He considers the dog as his best friend and losing Zoey would be too much for him.

Tawny knew she couldn’t bring Zoey to the vet herself, so she asked her dad, Larry, to do it for her. Larry left Zoey at the vet and came home with the receipt for euthanasia, Zoey’s medical records, and a sympathy card. It’s been done. Zoey won’t have to suffer any longer.

A second chance to love and live

Six months later, Tawny realized that she missed having a dog around and that it’s about time to get another one. She wanted to get a boxer, just like Zoey, so she started looking at dogs for adoption on Facebook. To her utter surprise, she found one that looked a lot like Zoey, and the dog was named “Miss Frankie.”

Family Reunites With The Dog They Thought Was Euthanized Six Months Ago

Tawny started inquiring about Miss Frankie and found out that it was indeed her dog, Zoey. As it turns out, the vet did not put Zoey down. The doctor believed that Zoey still had many years in her life and that surgery and medication could address the dog’s health issues. She used the money that was supposed to be for euthanasia into surgery.

Family Reunited

There seemed to be some miscommunication between the vet and Tawny’s dad the day Zoey was supposed to be euthanized. But in the end, Zoey is reunited with her old family, and Tawny can’t be happier to have Zoey back. Watch their amazing story on the video below.

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Family Reunited With Dog They Thought Was Euthanized Half Year Ago