Jesse Cadena and his wife Lisa First have adopted many street dogs in Houston, 14 in total. They also foster every now and then. They call their home Camp Chaos.

First said that each of their dogs has a story. They’re a bunch of misfits who are always happy to welcome foster dogs. They spend their days playing tennis balls and going for swims in the pond.

Family Refuses To Evacuate

Their family, who resides in Galveston County, Texas, was among those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. First said that at 2 a.m., the street was already underwater. It’s evident that the water will soon reach Camp Chaos too.

People were telling them to evacuate. However, this didn’t seem like a realistic option for them given the fact that they had 14 dogs to care for. It would be hard to find a place for all of them, especially because some were still recovering from trauma. Leaving them at home was not an option.

Water Rises And Neighbors Help Out

Just as they expected, the water got into their home. According to First, the beds and tables were the only things that were dry. They had to sleep together on couches and beds.

They were trapped in their house for almost three days. During those times, they did their best to survive and keep all of them, including their dogs, safe. Fortunately, they were able to prepare for the storm. Their food and water supply were enough to get them through.

They were also lucky to have neighbors who were happy to give them hearty meals. Some of their neighbors’ homes weren’t flooded, so they were able to cook a little more comfortably. Their neighbors walked in chest high water just to take them food.

The flood subsided after a few days. Finally, the dogs can enjoy running around Camp Chaos yard again. They’re lucky to survive the hurricane and even luckier for having parents who wouldn’t leave them even in a dire situation.

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Family Refuses To Evacuate For Hurricane