Older and senior dogs have a lifetime of love and affection to give. They may not have the energy to play ball, but they certainly have all the time to cuddle and show just how much they appreciate being with their families.

Unfortunately, for one senior dog named Larry, having a family to love seemed to be a too good to be true option after his owners left him.

Family Moves Away Leaving Their Dog Behind

Larry is a yellow Labrador that is at the twilight of his life at 8 years.  When his family moved he was left behind, not with the neighbors, nor in a shelter, but by himself. Having nowhere to be, Larry was forced to take residence in a nearby landscaping establishment’s parking lot.

Dog Forced To Live In Dirt

For several months, the poor senior dog took rest on the dirt day and night. He had no steady access to water and food and survived only from the kindness of motorists who would sometimes toss him food or drinks.

Larry clearly has been abandoned and his family will never be back, so a kind-hearted delivery driver made an account in Instagram for him; what seems to be an insignificant act made way for Larry’s fate to turn for the better.

Help Is On The Way For Larry

President Sasha Abelson of Love Leo Rescue called for help from local volunteers to get Larry to them and everything else will be taken cared of by the rescue.

Volunteers came forward and even though Larry looked sad, he wagged his tail seeing his rescuers. After two hours of travel, Larry is already in the city of Los Angeles.

Larry was examined by a vet the next day and the missing fur patches on his body were the least of his medical issues. He was in distress due to Cushing’s disease, which made his stomach bloated, gave him difficulty walking and caused him to be grumpy due to too much discomfort.

distress due to Cushing’s disease

Thankfully, his rescuers never gave up. They believed that covered under all his pain and suffering was a sweet and loving dog.

Larry’s Struggles Continue

While Larry’s treatment was ongoing, he was depressed and a bit reactive to other dogs, but as soon as his potbelly started to shrink, there was his desire to be interacting and playing with other dogs.

As soon as he was declared ready for adoption his journey looking for a forever home began; but it wasn’t easy. Larry has been to three different homes and was returned three times, too.

what truly sets the senior dog apart is his capability to heal and forgive

Photo Credits to Love Leo Rescue

“Not everyone wants a dog with an automatic expense attached,” explained Abelson.

Despite his unpleasant experience and the failed adoptions, what truly sets the senior dog apart is his capability to heal and forgive.

“Some dogs that have bad experience or were abandoned scars them for the rest of their lives, but with him he’s just so sweet, he needs someone to realize that,” Abelson added.

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Larry forced to live in dirt after abandonment