Last week we talked about 6 reasons why dogs bark. In addition to just regular barking, some dogs tend towards excessive barking, which is a problem. Both pup and owner need to trust each other and when communication breaks down your dog may bark more than is necessary. Don’t worry! Once you discover why your dog is behaving in this way, you will be able to change their behavior and build a better bond between you.

The First Steps To Eradicating Excessive Barking

The first thing you need to do is find out why your dog is barking excessively. Begin with the following:

  1. When and where does the barking occur?
  2. Who or what is the target of the barking?
  3. What things (objects, sounds, animals or people) trigger the barking?
  4. Why is your dog barking?

Stop Excessive Barking According To The Cause

There is not just one way to stop a dog from barking too much. Once you discover the reason for the barking, then you can target your behavioral training accordingly.

5 Ways To Combat Excessive Barking

1. Territorial Barking

Territorial Barking shepard

Territorial barking occurs when a dog believes someone or something is encroaching on their territory. It’s an alert warning and may or may not be founded on a real danger.

For more information on how to stop territorial barking click here.

2. Attention-Seeking Barking

Attention Seeking Barking

This type of barking is when your pooch wants to get your attention. Just like a child, once this works for them, they will continue to do it in the future, which can be quite annoying for humans when they have other things that they want or need to focus on.

For more information on how to stop attention seeking barking click here.

3. Greeting Barking

Aw, just look how much Fido loves me! He’s there to greet me with such enthusiasm every time I arrive home! For you that may not be a problem, but your guests may not appreciate having your dog jump up on them and seek their attention before they even cross the threshold.

Watch this video to learn more on how to stop greeting barking:

4. Frustration-Induced Barking

This type of barking is when your pup has become frustrated for any number of reasons from not getting a treat they want to not having your attention or not being able to find their favorite toy. We all know that patience is key and more likely to get us what we want, and we also need to teach our pets that good things come to those who wait.

Watch this video for one way to stop frustration-induced barking:

5. Separation-Anxiety Barking

Separation Anxiety Barking

People don’t like to be away from those they love, and dogs are no different. They miss you when you’re not around, but being overly-dependent on your physical presence can create a build-up of anxiety and lead to excessive barking.

Click here for more information about how to calm your pooch and stop separation anxiety barking.

Once you have your dog’s behavior under control once again, you’re whole household (and perhaps neighborhood) will be much more relaxed and happy, and your dog will have a less stressful life as well.

For more information on barking, read Why Do Dogs Bark? 6 Common Reasons Why

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Barking Mad - 5 ways to correct excessive barking