Dogs love to play whatever game they can think of with their fur parents. No matter the rules they need to follow, our canine pals willingly accede to them. Thus, one adorable and energetic Newfoundland dog eagerly searches for a treat that its fur mom hid in their house. By the looks of it, the pooch needs only to use its keen sense of smell to find the delicious snack.

Look for it, Samson!

In this exciting yet adorable footage, a brown-furred Newfoundland named Samson sits on a rug. At first, you’ll think the pooch’s merely taking a break from doing an energetic activity.

Samson the Newfoundland dog

Not far away from Samson, his fur mom stands across him. But, instead of animatedly conversing with the pooch, Mom slowly backs away while asking Samson to stay in his seat.

Despite Mom’s constant reminder, Samson energetically runs to Mom and even jumps at her. Surprised with the dog’s reaction, Mom can’t help but wonder what happened with him as she patiently accompanies Samson towards his original location.

Where’s the treat?

As soon as Mom and Samson reached the starting point, Mom repeats her instructions. Mom then slowly walks backward, going more slowly this time while reminding the pooch to wait for her cue.

And, it looks like Samson’s more attentive this time as he remains sitting on the rug. Even as Mom disappears into another room, the Newfoundland continues to sit quietly.

Energetic Newfoundland Dog

But, just to make sure, Mom takes a peek at Samson. Once Mom ascertained that the Newfoundland followed her instructions, Mom then places a delectable doggy biscuit on one of the couches inside their living room.

Energetic Newfoundland Dog

Mom then excitedly asks the pooch to find where she hid the treat. Samson then hurriedly sprints to the room and sniffs the possible hiding spots in the area.

How long do you Samson found his doggy treat? You’ll only find out by watching the full video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via: YouTube

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Excited Newfoundland Searches For A Treat Through A Game