Dogs are weird in their own various ways. And there is nothing better than a viral Twitter thread of dogs sitting in hilarious positions to prove this point.

Dogs Sitting Like Humans

Just recently, Brittany Lashay walked in on her pit bull, Sparks, sitting in a very unlikely and silly position. Instead of bending his hind legs for him to sit on, the pooch decided to stretch his legs in front of him. It was the first time Brittany saw Sparks sat like that in the three years that she had him.

So before the pooch could move, the fur mom immediately whipped out her phone and took a couple of photos of the sitting Sparks. Once she was done, she took to Twitter to share the pit bull’s hilarious behavior, all while doubling over in laughter at the silly stunt.

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Post Goes Viral

Little did she knew that her post would go viral immediately. Within hours after posting, Sparks’ photos already garnered thousands of retweets and likes. Other fur parents also hopped into the thread and began sharing pictures of their human-like dogs, too.

One of the most liked on the thread was of a Cavapoo named Rhubarb. In the photo captured by his fur mom, the brown pooch could be seen sitting upright on their sofa and watching TV with his fur parents. When his owner saw him, she couldn’t hold back her laughter and poke fun at Rhubarb, earning her a side-eye from the pooch.

Courtesy of @ohmythatsbritt

Another silly doggy on the thread was a bulldog-bull mastiff mix named Macy. She would also sit in the same way as Sparks did. The only difference was that Macy had been sitting like this for most of her life, giving her fur mom tons of photobook opportunities.

To date, the viral thread boasts of a whopping 1.2 million likes and almost 200,000 retweets. Look at the adorable Sparks who started it all.

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Dogs Sitting In Weird Positions Goes Viral