Toys, in whatever form, were our constant companions when we were young. We would give them names, let them wear clothes, and get them to do all sorts of activities with us. Whether it be tea time, swimming, reading books, watching T.V., or taking a bath, our parents would count on these toys to be with us every single minute of the day.

dog curled up with toy

They weren’t just present during the good times; they were with us during our bad days, too. After getting scolded by our parents or whenever we were too scared to go to sleep, we would snuggle up to them. Whenever we felt anxious about something, the only thing that would calm us down was having them nearby.

A Dog’s Best Friend

Just like us, dogs also have a strong relationship with their toys. They would always have these in tow whenever they would eat, bathe, sleep, or play. You can also count on these toys to be beside them whenever they would join us for rides around the city or trips to the vet.

dog hugging toy

Dogs also get territorial when it comes to their toys. You can hear them snarling whenever their canine friends would come near their toys. The moment they see their four-legged pals approaching, they would run away and tuck their toys in places only they have access to… or so, they think.

Dogs’ Reactions To Parting Ways Is So Cute

Suffice to say, our four-legged buddies love their toys so much that they choose to keep them no matter how tattered or dirty they get. We can’t blame them; we’ve also been this way towards the toys we grew up with. Whenever our parents would ask us to let these toys go, we would stare them down.

tattered dog toy

As it turns out, dogs had the same reaction when their fur parents asked them the same question. Since their reactions were the purest thing ever, their fur parents took a few snaps and shared it online.

Credits to wampus514

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Protective pooches with toys