The Fuzzy Pet Foundation notified Hope For Paws about two stray dogs that have been living in a park for several weeks already. Quickly, Eldad Hagar hopped into his rescue car and drove all the way to Compton, California, to save them.

Pooches Living In Park

When he arrived, Eldad saw the female pup first. The poor dog struggled. She dug into the ground, trying to find something to eat.

Sky and Apollo rescued from park

The rescuer looked around and found the male dog resting a few meters away. He didn’t want to spook the pups away, so he sat on the grass at a safe distance and waited for them to notice him. When they did, he offered some food, and they came approaching.

The dog siblings were starved. They didn’t hesitate to accept the food Eldad offered them. But they weren’t a hundred percent sure they could trust him. They kept walking away after taking a bite of the cheeseburger.

Dog Siblings Find Their Forever Home

Eldad remained patient. He gave the siblings all the time they needed to trust him. He sat with them, talked to them, and assured them that they are safe with him. Eventually, they relaxed and accepted Eldad’s affection.

Dogs Find Their Forever Home

The rescuer carried the pups, later named Sky and Apollo, into the car. Before heading back to Los Angeles, the trio stopped by Pet Boutique in Lakewood. There, Debbie Yettaw and Melissa Chupco groomed them and gave them lots of love and kisses.


Sky and Apollo proceeded to Sheila Choi’s house, the founder of The Fuzzy Pet Foundation. They stayed with her while the foundation screened hundreds of applications for their adoption. Soon, the team found the perfect family.

A month after their rescue, Sky, and Apollo flew to Long Island, New York to be with their new forever family. The Devine family opened their hearts and home to the siblings, and that paved the way to the beginning of a very happy life for them.

Credits to Hope For Paws

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Sibling Dogs Find Their Forever Home After Living In A Park