Courtney Thompson had been sick since she was in high school. She has more than 15 illnesses and disorders of the autoimmune system. To avoid getting worse, she has no choice but to stay at home. It was only Indigo, a dog with heart problems, who changed her life.

Over 100 Dogs Fostered

To keep herself busy, Courtney takes on fostering dogs from the shelter. She has been successful because she didn’t adopt any one of the dogs that she fostered. For six years, she has done this and she has fostered over 100 dogs.

When Courtney fostered Indigo, she thought the dog was healthy, but it wasn’t. The dog had murmurs in her heart, and how severe it was, no one had any idea.

A Dog With Heart Problems

Courtney and Indigo both had problems with their hearts. They also both couldn’t tolerate heat. Courtney even thought that they could be twins, and that made Courtney think that she should adopt Indigo.

The staff at the shelter where Indigo lived had been thinking about putting the dog down, but Courtney thought otherwise. Despite being sick, Indigo was a happy dog. Courtney showed people that Indigo was a happy pooch and she took videos of her. Soon, the shelter staff changed their minds and allowed Courtney to adopt Indigo.

Source: Soulmates

Courtney had a grand time having Indigo around. Indigo taught her a lot of things that other dogs have not been able to give her. She also did her best to make sure that Indigo continued to live despite his condition. Those who do not know Indigo’s story didn’t even think she was sick in any way.

With Indigo in her life now, Courtney said that she has been able to sleep soundly, and she also was able to complete the required number of hours per day. She is very happy and thankful that she found a best friend in Indigo.

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Dog With Heart Problems and Sick Woman Become Soulmates