This dog was heavily disoriented, weak, and struggling to remain standing when the Animal Aid Unlimited organization found him trying to navigate the side of a road that was very busy with traffic. When the rescue team got a closer look at him it became apparent that the dog had also been injured on the head — three deep holes right above his right ear, which explained the wobbly steps.

Dog With Head Injury Rescued

They wanted to pick the dog up immediately and carry him over to the vehicle, but they also knew that they had to exercise caution to avoid frightening him into running toward any of the vehicles that were passing by.

When it became clear that the dog was not going to try and make a run for it, one of the rescue team members carefully draped a blanket on the poor thing and took him in his arms. After getting him out of the vehicle at the shelter, the first order of business was to examine the dog to see how they could go about dealing with his head wound. Since he was disoriented, it was likely that there was swelling in the brain, for which he was given medicine.

Dog Makes a Miraculous Recovery

He was then sedated so that they could operate on him and remove the maggots and the dead tissues from his injury without him feeling any pain. They also had to shave part of his head so that they could do a thorough job of cleansing his wound, after which his entire head was wrapped in bandages to prevent the return of infection and infestation. It took him weeks to just to be able to walk on his own again, and more than that to make a complete recovery, but with the help of his patient carers, he survived.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube

Now, the only thing he will ever have to worry about is how to divide attention between his doting human friends at the shelter.

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Dog rescued from road just in time